Not all women who run are:

Not all women who run are:
Itty bitty
A size 6, 8,10
Slim in build Lean and toned 
Sporty looking
Athletic looking
Front cover looking Stereotypical
Gym bunnies
Super fit
Always training

Treadmill runners
Running 5k, 10k, marathons
Miles and miles runners
Distance runners
Love hill runners
Get up early runners
All weather runners
Prefer evening runners

Fast fast fast
7,8,9 minute mile runners
At the front

Slow pokes
Not that fast
Holding the back 

Road runners
Trail runners
Cross country runners
Endurance runners

Finishing first
Coming in last

Winning? We're all winning!
Losing! No, we're not losing. 
We're running!
All women who run are runners.

Trail Running: Summer

Summer running through the eyes of a slow, middle-aged, overweight Northern off road trail and moors runner.
Ahhhh summer is here! The sky is blue, the sun is blazing, everyone is happy!
Blazing by 8 o'clock in the fuckin morning! What's going on? It's never this warm here, ever. It's actually too hot to run after 10am? I need to be up, out and done way before midday or I'll set on actual fire. 

 I guess that I could run in the evening, when it's much cooler.
How is it still this bloody hot at 6pm? How! Maybe I'll just start running at midnight. In the dark. 
Because it's so hot I need extra water. All the water. As much as I can physically carry. I'm like a bloody camel. And I'll probably run out! 
I'm going to need sunscreen. And if I'm going to be out a few hours, especially if the heat is slowing me, or sensibly I'm  slowing because of the heat, I'll need to reapply it as I sweat it off, so I'll pop some in my pack (if I've…

In my backpack (parody)

For most of my runs I carry a backpack. This is a parody of my last blog. Probably mostly true. Warning . NSFW. I'm sweary, if easily offended don't read my blog.
Stop now.
Fuckin stop!!
What's in my backpack...?
I'm a thirsty runner, especially if it's warm. I'm heavy and sweat like a flip flops' toe post. So I need to drink! Lots. I'm not planning of dying of thirst in a field 10 miles from home in bloody Lancashire!.
Everyone knows that long runs and ultras are an excuse to eat. A staple food being the pork pie. My hubby actually Lol'd when I mentioned eating my egg butty while running. To be fair if cake would survive I'd fucking take some.
I live in Lancashire. It's statistically one of the wettest parts of the country. Fact. In other words it rains. All the fucking time.
Gloves / Buff
Lancashire. Moors. Windy as fuck. Without wearing a coat gloves can be enough to help against the cold if it's just a bit blowy…

In my backpack

For most of my runs I carry a backpack. I may not always go far, but running off road, sometimes remotely I think warrants taking one more than not.
So firstly my backpack.
I needed one more so as I decided to run longer distance events. I had tried a few. I liked the bladder system, then after trial and error learned that I liked front pockets. Long blog short I've recently invested in a Raidlight. Which hasn't disappointed! Love it. At first I thought it might be too small for longer events (not necessarily talking miles but time on feet, it's me). But after my brief encounter with the 5 passes it definitely is not! More on this later!.

Back to what's in my backpack...
I'm a thirsty runner, especially if it's warm, but I don't like hand held bottles. I do like the ease of a bladder system, which I used before my new pack, but now since my new pack, I like having bottles on the front. Easy to see what I have left rather than guessing! Also quicker to r…

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a girl, well a woman, who entered a mountain trail half marathon.

The day before she had worked a very busy 12 and a half hour shift, and then had slept badly the night before the event, and was tired and anxious. It was a tough race.

She was dropped off by her knight where she would meet fellow trail runners to travel to the event with.

They all arrived, nervous, apprehensive, excited. The clouds lifted above the mountains to reveal their foreboding and inviting splendour beneath glorious sunshine. The girl mingled with fellow trail runners, chatting and taking photos. Soon it would be time.

The bravest of the brave set off on their marathon quest, fellow runners cheered as they passed by. Then they were gone.

Next was the intrepid half marathoners. They all took their place, the girl and her companions included. Then they were gone, up up up to where the clouds once hung. The girl very quickly fell to the back of the pack. The very back. The last.

Her calves…

Spotlight: Kayleigh

Amazing ventures by amazing people, some are just everyday ordinary amazing people, like me and you. The first person I have chosen for this is:
Kayleigh, of Kayleighs Fitness club and the Yellow Army Running Group.
Kayleighs' bio is short: Ultra trail and fell runner, and a passionate trainer.
Kayleigh says "i had never really ran much, I always kept fit to a degree, I went to the gym, I did the odd run with my dad" 
In 2014 Kayleigh began training for the Lakeland 50 [2015 event] and finished it 13 hours 19 mins.
In the past year and a half Kayleighs own training has taken a backward step and her priority has been that of around 30 runners, that call themselves the 'Yellow Army', a running group she started in September 2016  with the help and experience from her dad, David or as he is now better known as Daddy Dave.
"So this year I decided to take on my own challenge I’ve had little focus on my own training, I’ve struggled with various injuries...&q…

Bite Me

Recently while out trail running I think I was bitten. Once or twice, Well actually quite a few times!

I run trails and fells, and while it's been hot and dry I recall that one of my fell runs was post rainfall and boggy and 'insecty'. Not phased too much I wafted the bugs away as I passed through. Later, or the next day I discovered that I had been repeatedly bitten.

At first I blamed the everyday gnat coming in through the window and eating me while I slept. However the bites became quite big and angry looking so I googled them. Horsefly.
I remember swatting away at some of those beasts! Did I need to see a doctor? Luckily no. Although I did ask a couple of the nurses at work to take a quick look! My only reaction was a typical reaction, and so I got some cream to help with the itching.

This blog is a little borrowed advise from the NHS website for bites and stings.

Wasp or hornet stings causes a sudden sharp pain. A swollen red mark may then form on the skin which can l…