Yarrow River & Bluebell 10K Trail Run

This is a blog / event review of two races, in effect its the same race held twice a year by Mad Bull Events.

The first in May is called the Bluebell Trail [as the bluebells are up] and the second in September is called the Yarrow Trail.

I'd done this run [both] last year and had enjoyed, but didn't get round to blogging it.

It's a very on my doorstep local trail run, so no need to disturb my hub on his day off. I'd just trot down. It's all miles!

My friend had recovered from a running injury and was doing this run too. It would make a nice change to run with someone, and I enjoyed her running chatter :)

The morning arrived, it was raining, although my runs are usually wet, I got ready and had porridge with a banana, honey and Chia seeds.
I put my trail trainers in my bag and set off to the run. It was busy in the pub on arrival.
We had restricted access and I had to squeezed through the runners to collect my bib then get back outside the pub, where I stood under the brollies to swap over my road trainers to trail, and messaged my friend that I was here. She had arrived a little early and was waiting in the car with her hub. I walked round to where they were.

I dropped my bag into her boot and we crossed the road to the start. There was a delay, something to do with no access to the loos' at the pub, so we had to wait for runners to arrive.

We started in a slightly different location to the last times I'd run it, but the rest of the course seemed the same!
The route followed the River Yarrow a little way, up a tough up-hill, only a small one, well more of a bank, but steep! which despite wearing my Salomon trails I slid down and had to hang on to grass sides to get back up! Then a trot over a field, not an easy terrain in my opinion, behind a housing estate and again followed a trail. There's was a short road section to run, but trail trainers are a must!

I remembered the road section being tougher than expected, especially after the technical trail and slowed to walking, and then Pauline exclaimed at the sneaky steepness of it :D Tt lasted a while, and a few of the runners walked.

The route skirts through the local park Birkacre then comes back on itself to the start, but not before the river crossing!


A local photographer waits on the opposite bank to snap you as you cross
After the river crossing it's through Duxberry Woods, which are always muddy and boggy.
We passed a few other runners at and after the crossing, and Pauline encouraged me to dig deep, run girl run! And despite being tired, I did :)

dig deep

At the finish Pauline hub was waiting and took some finish line photos :)

I went for some water and collected my tee and medal. Both brilliant again! The tee had a choice of two colours, green and blue, I went for blue.

We headed back to the car, Pauline and her hub thankfully dropped me home, it was still rainy and I was knee deep wet from the river crossing!

I've done this three times now, entered for September and will no doubt continue to run this local event. 



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