Rivington 10mile Challenge

This run was a new run by Mad Bull Events 

I'd done a couple of these and enjoyed them. Trail runs and local. I booked this one flippantly as I usually do. "A run up Rivington. I've run around there a few times, it's not a bad run :)"
I'd done a little hill training recently with my friend in preparation for the Canalathon and was sure I'd be fine. So fine in fact that I was doing a 5 mile road run the day before! The 5 mile which turned into 7 & a half mile due to a wrong turn, on a very warm day -_-

My friend had entered, but due to an injury had to pull out. I'd be OK though, I run alone all the time!

but I was nervous of the location and the distance and almost pulled out. Almost.

The morning arrived and I woke in enough time to eat breakfast and dress ready for my taxi to the event. It was, dull, overcast and rainy. Usual then!

The run was starting at Rivington Bowling Club, I hadn't been here before!
I got out and went and collected my bib number. People were milling around chatting.

I chatted to a couple who asked if I ran Rivington usually, and I mentioned that I'd got lost the day before running a road event and was hoping not to get lost today!

There were a few club runners, something I find daunting not being a club member.
I said hello to a [RRRR] I knew from previous running events, and introduced myself to a few others from a facebook running group that I'd recently joined. I sat with the friendly bunch and chatted until it was time to make our way to the start line.

We were given pre-race instructions, which were amusing :)

" You'll see orange signs saying left and/or right ... don't follow those, they're for the bike race!"

We set off. The more competitive and club runners up-front, I stayed back and set off at my slow pace just aiming to get the 10 mile done!

After a mile or so I fell in along side another runner, Danielle. We ran together and chatted.

Are you local? Have you been running long? The usual friendly chat. 
We awed at the lambs, then Danielle said she was having lamb for lunch! We laughed then Danielle picked up her pace and ran on ahead.
I began the climb of the hill. Oh it was steep!

I wanted to stop but was afraid I wouldn't go again, so head down I persevered. The top appeared and gave way to a lovely wood trail. I hesitated at a style unsure of the way . . . over?
I looked behind me, two runners and the sweeper were close. I shouted for the way. The sweeper nodded at the style and I carried on.

The run from here was now a little easier and I recognised the area from running with friends. I had a gel to recover from the climb and I eased into the last 6 mile or so of the run.
At the top, as I started my way down some walkers shouted 'only 7 mile to go number 406 !" 
"Four! I've only four to go now" I replied
"Only half an hour then!" They called after me.
"Not even when I'm road running" I laughed and headed downwards.
I picked up my pace a little and made my way down the cobbles and fell, passing a couple of runners on the way. I managed to keep these few runners behind me for the last few mile :D 
I reached the bottom and ran on, not far now.
I smiled at a Marshall "it's all down hill now" she said as I passed
"Oh I hope so!" I said to her

Just 3 mile, that's 5k, it's just a parkrun! I'm almost done! Thank God ...
The last few mile were relatively flat, but for the odd bump :)

As I headed towards the finish there were some runners waiting. They cheered, and the couple I spoke to before the run shouted "you didn't get lost!"

I collected my [well earned] bling and tee and got a cup of water.
I slowly walked back to Rivington Bowling Club were we had started and called my hub to collect me, as I was very tired and the heavens had now opened! I got a cuppa and a bacon butty while I waited.

Such a hard but rewarding run. Definitely a next year run!


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